A. Volz descibes his shooting cinema

I could not permanently install the shooting cinema so far in the basement, because I’m still working on the basement construction. So I had to install it provisionally, the projector is turned upside down on plastic crates. I have installed and calibrated the system twice and it now has a very good precision, usually less than a caliber diameter variance.
Once I had to readjust - I stumbled over the projector and almost torn it from the crates. Quickly re-aligned and well thats it. Fortunately, the projector has survived, which is indeed a very old borrowed one.
The diversity of the software is a lot of fun. Who else can do clay pigeon shooting in the basement?
Building the frame was also quite easy - the difficult thing was to be patient. Note: install the microphones before you fix the back wall - otherwise you have to do the work twice.