Delivery problems

AirCine is now also affected by the chip-shortage. Parts of the AirCine-Box are currently not available.
As soon as new AirCine-Boxes are available, they will appear in the shop again.
Thanks for your understanding!

AirCine is unique!

AirCine is a inexpensive shooting cinema for everyone. Now you can shoot moving targets at home or any other location. AirCine offers a lot of different games and training activities. On this website you can see how much variety it has and how much fun you can have with it.

See how it works and what existing users say about it.

New: Use scripts to create your own programs with graphics

The new version 1.450 includes a new script module where you can define your own target programs. Based on target hits, missed shots, randomly or by timer the program decides what happens next. Now you can create your own games or trainings very easy!

New: improved electronics and easier microphone installation

The AirCine electronics have been re-developed to improve stability and accuracy. From now on AirCine will include new microphone mounts which are easier to attach and improve the shot detection. During installation the microphone positions can be measured with an accuracy of 1/10 mm by only a few calibration shots!

But the price is still the same!


AirCine review

The german weapon magazine “Visier” published a report about AirCine. You can read the full article here:

Download report


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