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AirCine Set

The complete AirCine Set, containing the follwing items:

  • The AirCine-Box - Contains the electronics for connection the microphones. Needs a free USB-port on your PC.
  • One set of microphones - 4 microphones including mounting brackets.
  • One CD containings the AirCine-Software and some sample movies and pictures.
  • A printed manual.

An additional set of 4 microphones. This is needed if you want to build an additional target frame.

Picture scripts

With this module you can create your own programs based on a picture collection. Decisions within the script are based on hits on several targets, missed shot, randomly or by a timer. You can create your own games or trainings very easy!

Boar hunt

One license key for the AirCine boar hunt. You will receive a key code that unlocks the module.