Until now it was hard to find moving targets for air rifles or airsoft weapons.

AirCine offers a lot of different training activities and games for any kind of air rifle, air pistol or airsoft weapon.

  • Target screen size up to 1.5 m2.
  • Games for 1 or 2 shooters.
  • Simulated skeet shooting.
  • Use any Movie as target, incl. printed report.
  • High precision
  • Any kind of airgun (spring, press. air, CO2) can be used.
  • Airsoft weapons (gas, and AEG, incl. full auto).
  • Distance from shooter to screen can be 5 meters or more.


So far there are two types of electronic target acquisition systems:

  • Electronic targets for competition shooting. Results are measured in the relatively small area of target with very high accuracy.
  • Large shooting cinemas, that are used with large caliber firearms.

AirCine is now closing the gap between the two electronic target systems. It is the first shooting cinema for air guns. The system is very inexpensive and it is now possible to shoot at home on moving targets.
AirCine is a system for PC and video projector with a variety of moving targets. The PC generates a target image that is displayed by the projector to the screen. The bullet impacts are detected on the screen and measured by the AirCine electronics box. The results will then appear in the image and analyzed by the software.
Targets can be either graphical targets in games and training or any video file.