The main menu with some games and settings:

Highscore table: the 10 best results of every module will be stored:

Setup screen for frame size and microphone sensitivity:

Picture targets. Define your own target areas using a picture collection. You can also write scripts to create programs that run based on target hits or other decisions:

Boar hunting: Only perfect shots will be counted positive. If a boar is only hurt, there will be a score penalty!

Pistol training: practise your precision, speed and timing in 4 simulated disciplines. Time and precision will be measured and displayed.

The shooting gallery: Targets of different size and speed are moving over the screen. Try to get as many points as possible in 3 minutes.

A simple game with moving targets: How long do you need for 10 hits? This game is also available for 2 shooters.

A similar game for 2 shooters: Who can hit more targets in 2 minutes?

Tin cans: they appear somewhere for only 3 seconds. 2 shooters have to be fast and precise. Whoever hits 10 cans first wins the game.

Skeet simulation: 10 clay targets will be thrown from the left and right corner. The bullet spread of a shotgun will be simulated depending on the target distance.

Video shooting: use any video file as target. Every hit will be shown on screen and stored for report printing. The movie will be stopped for 10 seconds to show the impact on screen.

Birds: blue birds fly through the screen at different speeds and distances. Depending on the distance you will get a higher score when a bird is hit. Who will get the highest score in 3 minutes?

Falling plates: this is a training simulation for pistols. The hits and time are measured and the result will be calculated.

Speed shooting: another simulation to train timing and accuracy.