The following files can be downloaded:

The article from “Visier” 9/2008 about AirCine (PDF)

Example report of a movie shooting (PDF)

The AirCine-video in high resolution (WMV)

The AirCine user manual (PDF)

The AirCine-software (Installer version 1.475)
     Update from 8.10.2023:
     - Bug fix in script module
     Update from 25.1.2023:
     - More detailes scoring within picture scripts.
     - Minor bug fixes.
     Update from 18.3.2022:
     - Save & Restore Frame settings
     Update from 13.1.2021:
     - Additional script option.
     Update from 17.1.2020:
     - Minor bug fixes.
     Update from 31.10.2017:
     - Random order when playing videos.
     - Adding directories to the video playlist.
     - Movie playback can be paused.
     - The Movie list can now contain up to 1000 Movies.

Sample Graphics for AirCine version 1.336 or higher

Samples for the picture script module version 1.450 or higher

The software has only limited functionality without AirCine hardware!