How it works

How does AirCine work?
Four microphones are attached to the screen frame. A bullet passing through the paper produces a popping sound that is captured by the microphones. The impact sound hits the microphones at different times. These times are measured with a very high precision andthe impact position will be calculated.
The microphone positions and the frame size is stored in the AirCine box. The software will translate this posion into the projected picture and will show the impact immediately on screen.


If the position of the screen or the projector changes, the positions of the microphones in the projection have to be adjusted.
However, this will be done right on the screen and it is done in less than a minute. The measurement results are of course dependent on various factors. Depending on the weapon, ammunition and screen size the impact position with a precision typically better than 10 mm. On average, a precision of about 5 mm is achieved. Only in the screen corners there might be a greater deviation because of technical reasons.

AirCine can detect and measure up to 30 impacts per secons in full-automatic mode!

The animation shows the basic operation priciple . The projectile impact creates a popping sound, which propagates around the impact point and reaches the microphones at different times. These times are measured precisely and used to calculate the position of the impact.

Even a screen with so many holes works perfect. The screen in the picture below has more than 300 impacts from air rifles and BBs: