A. Slade made his own movies

I have built a mobile frame, so i can roll it away when it is not needed. 
The frame is 1.5 meters wide and 1 meter high, i’m shooting at 6 meters distance. I use a plotter paper roll and fixed it under the frame. It is very easy to change the paper, and it is attached to the frame by strong magnets. One paper roll can be used for up to 50 shooting sessions.

One of my favourite games is skeet shooting. I also made some movies. One movie is with sheep jumping over a bird on a branch. You need to be fast to hit them, but avoid to hit the bird. I also made a picture show of wild animals. These shows include a lot of target that must be avoided. The targets appear only for 3 seconds. You need to be concentrated and shoot fast and precise. It is a great feature to print the report afterwards, either as training check or as competition. 

I really appreciate AirCine and i’m happy that i have seen the article in the Visier magazine. I would not give it away anymore!